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Internationally-acclaimed Bellus Academy®  has been recognized annually by Modern Salon since 2010 for Excellence in Education. Dedicated to graduating salon and spa “ready” industry professionals our team of educators delivers quality education in collaboration with industry leaders. Our programs are nationally accredited by NACCAS and will prepare you for a new career in the Salon or Spa industry in less than a year. Three of our campuses are located in beautiful, sunny San Diego County recognized as “America’s Finest City" and our newest campus is located in Manhattan, Kansas known as the "Little Apple" of America's Heartland.
We offer courses in Cosmetology, Advanced Cosmetology, Barbering, Esthetics, Massage Therapy, Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), Spa Nail Technician, Makeup Artistry, as well as Bellus Best in Business training for spa and salon professionals. We are one of the only academies in the nation to provide the advanced training and multiple license programs that can help prepare you for a premium career in the beauty and wellness industry.

Our Mission

Bellus Academy is dedicated to student success by enriching lives and cultivating professionals through innovative, personalized post-secondary education in a creative and inspiring environment that prepares graduates in the business skills and fiscal responsibility necessary for success in the Beauty and Wellness industry.

Our Values

One team, one voice, one mission
Confident, fearless pursuit of excellence
Creating the future through imagination and ingenuity
Empowered to take risks, make decisions, innovate and make a difference
Mentor with passion
Heartfelt devotion to changing lives

Our Motto

We are visionary leaders – changing lives – and revolutionizing beauty and wellness education.

Academy Vision

  • Bellus Academy continues to revolutionize beauty and wellness education.
  • Bellus Academy is the academy where new innovations are launched!
  • Bellus Academy creates professional partnerships: uniting the students with Industry experts.
  • Bellus Academy is a leader in elevating the profession and brands the careers in beauty and wellness as a premier career.
  • Bellus Academy is positioning the educators as the elite in the industry, mentoring and inspiring both those entering the industry and those who pursue excellence with their craft.
  • Bellus Academy is committed to the promotion of lifelong learning.

Academy Commitments

  • We have a unified inspired culture where the entire team enrolls, educates, graduates and places professionals.
  • We will change 1160 lives in 2015 (435 Poway – 206 El Cajon – 233 National City – 286 Manhattan)
  • Silos are broken down encouraging respectful, open communication where we embrace differences, are accountable for our metrics and celebrate our success.
  • We are a united and empowered team armed with expertise through training to achieve our mission.
  • We build career ready professionals.
  • We are a fiscally responsible team where each member takes ownership of driving our success.
  • We represent the evolving Bellus brand with pride at all times.

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student testimonial

"I would like to first off congratulate Bellus Academy and Courtney Donadio for achieving what we have not seen in years. I have been in the hair industry for over 11 years, and in that time I have had many great exeperiences with HAIR and my love for it. One thing, however, I have truly noticed, is the fact that American Beauty Schools do not produce the same quality of stylist that I have grown accustom to looking for in an assistant. The American Beauty schools produce a new evil that I was unaware existed until owning a salon, and that evil is a stylist who is just in it for a job, and is not passionate about hair, does not love hair, does not dream of hair. At Diesel Salon, we have created a team of stylists who are dedicated, motivated, and are truly passionate about their craft, taking pride in their Art. Art With Boundaries is what we call it, and having the ability to create Art With Boundaries is something that cannot be taught over night, cannot be learned from a DVD, and cannot be educated to someone through a book. To achieve the ability to create Art With Boundaries takes time, dedication, and passion. I feel that Bellus Academy has achieved just this. Our new assistants came to us as new graduates from Bellus Academy, ready and eager to master their craft and exceed our expectations, and you know what? They have done just that! With the addition of two new motivated professionals, our team has been able to push forward with our agenda of becoming the Best San Diego has to offer. It has been apparent to not only myself, but to everyone at Diesel Salon that Bellus Academy is now our "go to" Academy, and we could not be happier with the new relationship that has sparked between Courtney and Diesel Salon. We would love to have a part in the education of young and eager minds, and that is why we have decided to work with Bellus Academy on the externship program. Hopefully our contribution of experience will help with Bellus Academy's agenda; to be the Best San Diego has to offer."

Candice Buckett, Diesel Salon