The core of Bellus Academy is deeply rooted in the company values which are recognizable in every concept that is implemented in their community outreach efforts. What makes Bellus Academy unique is their undeniable passion for humanity. Bellus Academy is honored to give their students the opportunity to give back to the community by utilizing their technical skills. An artist trained in beauty not only has the ability to create fashion-forward hair, makeup and nails, they have the ability to transform a life by instilling confidence and boosting self esteem by making someone feel special, loved and letting them know that they matter to the world. 
The Student Design Team is a community outreach team designed to be student ambassadors of Bellus Academy. Students need to go through an application process and only a few are selected from all three San Diego campuses. Selections are based on attendance, grades and program skills. 
The team is able to participate in exclusive events such as fashion shows, editorial photo shoots, beauty and wellness events, as well as, high school and military outreach projects. This is an incredible opportunity for them to showcase their hair and make-up artistry skills.
Bellus Academy has had the privilege of volunteering with, “Project Homeless Connect” for the last four years. Students have had the opportunity to apply their haircutting skills to a noble cause. The nature of the event is to assist the homeless community with rehabilitation resources. The students were delighted to contribute by offering complimentary haircuts to men and women who were working on reinventing their lives. 
The mission for the Habitat for Humanity organization is to build hope and unity by constructing homes for low-income families in need. The massage department at Bellus Academy is also driven to instill unity and hope within the community by sharing their wellness knowledge and skills. This was a perfect alliance as the massage department was more than eager to set up a “wellness zone” for the volunteer builders at a construction site. The volunteers dedicated their construction skills and the massage students were able to give back to the volunteers with complimentary chair massage services. 
“Prayer’s for Kylie” was established in 2014 in honor of, Kylie Elizabeth, who was diagnosed at 21 months old, with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma, a very rare cancer. Bellus Academy was privileged to be able to partner with Rock Spa, of the Hard Rock Hotel, for a charity fundraiser for Kylie’s family. The event consisted of leaders in the community all coming together to support this amazing little girl. The Bellus Academy esthetic and massage departments collaborated by donating facial and massage services to guests of the event to raise funds for Kylie’s medical fees. 
The mission at Bellus Academy is to produce graduates who are not only successful in their industry but who are also educated on the importance of nurturing their community with their technical skills and humanitarian values. 
These are a small sampling of the hundreds of community events that Bellus Academy has supported this year ranging from fashion shows to healthcare events that have all assisted with changing lives and making a difference in the world. 

Cut It Out

At Bellus Academy, we launched a multi-platform campaign to support Cut it Out. This program teaches salon professionals how to recognize signs of domestic abuse and safely refer those clients to people and resources that can help them.
Now an international organization, Cut It Out offers training programs for beauty professionals and students to raise awareness of domestic violence, identify physical and emotional warning signs, and effectively and safely refer these clients to local shelters, counselors and authorities.
We developed a platform to include enhanced student training, public awareness and education efforts, fundraising, victim support, public service announcements, media outreach and more. Also offered are incentive programs to generate excitement and support among students, educators and school officials for additional local fundraising efforts year-round.

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student testimonial

After years of college and dead-end jobs I found myself needing both an education and a career in which I could feel fulfilled, creative, active, and successful. Growing up, I had always followed fashion trends closely, had my own personal style, and constantly given my friends and family hair and makeup tips. I finally had that "Ah-ha!"
moment and realized that cosmetology school was the perfect avenue for me, in which I could specialize in hairstyling or dabble in makeup if I desired. The next step was finding the right school where I could get the best education.
Bellus Academy was the first school I contacted about starting my new career. Not only was the atmosphere chic, leaving me feeling like I was in a busy, upscale salon, but the staff was very helpful, answered all of my questions and made me aware of the amazing curriculum I was about the experience.  I was already sold on Bellus Academy and knew it was the place for me, but I wanted feel out my options and see what type of schools San Diego had to offer. After a few disappointing appointments at surrounding schools, I knew that Bellus was the best, no contest.
Ever since my first day at Bellus Academy, I knew I had made the right choice. I was so excited to go to school every day because I was offered so many opportunities that helped me experience the details of the cosmetology world that I had always wanted. I was asked to speak with a reporter from the New York Times about the field of Cosmetology which helped me exercise my press interview skills. I was also a representative of Bellus Academy at the local Juvenile Detention Center in which I spoke to troubled youth about turning their lives around and making a positive difference in the world. One of the most fun opportunities I had at Bellus was being selected as a model for a photo session. Through that experience I had a taste of all the work it takes to make editorial hair and makeup transfer into a beautiful picture.
Those are just a few highlights of the countless opportunities I was lucky enough to experience on top of the already amazing curriculum.
After putting in many hours of hard work, I was eligible for the Bellus Academy Externship Program in which selected students are able to interview in real salons and work one day a week for school credit. I interviewed with Ryan Thomas Hair Studio, one of San Diego's top salons, and landed a position as an intern. I was so thrilled to have such an amazing opportunity. Thanks to Bellus Academy and a lot of determination, I was hired at Ryan Thomas Hair Studio before I graduated, which relieved the enormous pressure of searching for a job as a newly licensed cosmetologist.
I am currently working full time at Ryan Thomas Hair Studio, building my clientele, and loving my life more than ever. Bellus Academy was such a wonderful and unique experience I know I would not get anywhere else. I am forever grateful for all of the help, motivation, and support that helped make my dreams come true.

Kristee Tamulis, Cosmetology

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