We are the only school in California to offer:

  • Make-up artistry program affiliated with the internationally-acclaimed Make-Up Designory (MUD)
  •  An advisory board consisting of Icons in the Industry and elite professionals who partner with Bellus to evolve our curriculum and ensure that our students are “salon and spa ready”
  • Spa Nail Technician – 600-hour course that will train you in luxury spa treatments featuring CND products
  • Beauty Therapist / Master Esthetics – adds 600-hours to the basic esthetics course and prepares you for upscale resorts and medical spas
  • Professional business and marketing training using classroom and online materials, videos and interview with top industry icons
  • ITEC approved  - providing graduates with an international certificate. ITEC is an international examination board that offers a variety of qualifications worldwide. Graduates who pass the ITEC examination are qualified to work internationally in over 38 countries.

In addition we boast…

  • Partnerships with top salons and spas in Southern California – some of our students have the opportunity to complete an 8-week externship program. Kits with professional tools and supplies
  • Strong “post-graduation” job placement rates
  • Credible and powerful reputation both locally and nationally
  • Highly-skilled, dedicated educators who are current in the industry; many are top stylists for Manufacturers and have won industry awards.
  • Renovated schools with professional equipment
  • Vibrant student clinics where you learn to refine your technical training and retail skills
  • Multiple professional product lines to use and learn how to sell
  • Financial aid available to those who qualify
  • Nationally accredited by NACCAS
  • Day and evening classes at four convenient locations

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student testimonial

Ms. Tammy-
First, I want to say how at ease that not only you but everyone I met on Wednesday made me feel. It's hard in today's world being different from everyone and the reactions that come from that difference. Though I have dealt with my "disability" for eight years, I still feel quite uncomfortable in new surroundings. It's been even more so since July of last year when I've had to start walking with a cane. Most new environments focus solely on the fact that, to them, I'm broken and not worth a moment of their time. For the first time since my discharge from the military 6 years ago, I felt comfortable being in my own skin. No one seemed concerned about my gimp stick, only the dream that has been hidden from the world for far too long. For that, I will never be able to thank you, the staff, or even the students enough.
Having traveled many different roads in life, I have never felt so sure of anything as I do with my decision to enter this academy and the curriculum that is offered. While I may not have visited all the "other guys" personally, there's a lot that can be said for quality in just the information that is offered (or not offered) on a website. Bellus seemed to be the only one that grabbed my attention. In my search for knowledge, I happened upon several other schools that didn't seem to grab me just right. The minute I started browsing Bellus, I was mesmerized by not only the professionalism that is the website, but the ease of information and how it is all put together. Not only that, but after submitting my request for information, Bellus is the only school that got back to me quickly. (It threw me off getting a call the very next day!) I'm still waiting on information packets from several other places after about a month...
My visit on Wednesday only solidified the quality of education, professionalism, and people at Bellus for me. The concern so many of my family have is how my "disability" will coincide with my dream. While I know the field I want to go in is not exactly the best on a body physically, so many advances in technology have afforded advances in making it a little easier to do and the impact not so hard. It was quite refreshing to have it brought up in conversation without a word from me on this concern from not only staff but the students. Remarkable is all I can say.
Overall, I could not be more pleased in my decision to attend Bellus. I was impressed first by the website and the content I found there. Being able to go to campus and meet the staff and several of the students helped to cement my choice. You can usually sense things about an environment upon entering an establishment. Sometimes you can just feel the bad energy, the stress, the whatever else is going on while there is a fake smile on a face. I got the sense of genuine happiness and peace with everyone I had the opportunity to speak with. The smiles are real, the attitudes positive, and an amazing staff to share their knowledge... What more would you want in a school?
Thanks again for such an amazing visit and keep up the amazing job!!

Jayme Perez-Flint, prospective student at the Manhattan Kansas location

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