Our Career Services department provides job search information and the tools necessary to seek out the right salon or spa to begin your career. The department takes an active role throughout each student’s training to develop a professional relationship and provide employment referrals during their program.
While the Career Services team has the direct responsibility to support the students’ job search goals, the Bellus Team recognizes that it takes the entire academy team to enroll, inspire, graduate and place a Bellus Professional!
The student’s academic and career path is mapped out from the first encounter with a Bellus Academy representative through graduation, placement and continued connectivity through our Bellus Academy Alumni Association.  We begin our relationship with each and every student with the fact in mind that we will mentor them to become a successful professionals, and it is our duty to help them achieve their dreams and aspirations within this amazing industry.
Our Motto, VISIONARY LEADERS - CHANGING LIVES AND REVOLUTIONIZING BEAUTY AND WELLNESS EDUCATION, continues to inspire and align our entire team with common commitments directed at producing successful professionals who remain in our industry for years to come.
The Career Services department works directly with students.  They develop and maintains job placement guidance and assistance through a structured, detailed program encompassing job development skills such as interviewing and salon or spa selection. The department also focuses on resume assistance, and career-oriented classes that foster and encourage professional relationships with the salon industry through our advisory committees. Based on these relationships, the academies have developed an extensive network of opportunities for students and alumni to pursue when they are eligible for employment.
Career Services offers vocational assistance to its graduates by maintaining a close relationship through our Alumni Association. We also assist them with any employment or licensing questions. Although the school works closely with its graduates, no school can absolutely guarantee employment. The most successful professionals, aside from possessing sound artistic skills, develop business skills and embrace a customer-first attitude that helps them successfully build their careers.

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student testimonial

"Hi Diego,
We wanted to say that Eric and Alex are great, their standard of talent is great and we would like to say that Eric especially goes more than the extra mile to help. He sees what needs to be done ahead of time, is very aware of everything around him and we would love to recommend him to anyone. Thanks so much for sending us such high quality externs."

Sonya and Christopher Dove, The Doves

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