According to the US Department of Labor employment in personal care and service occupations is anticipated to grow by more than 20 percent over the projection period (2012-2022), adding more than 1 million jobs. As consumers become more concerned with health, beauty, and fitness, the number of cosmetic and health spas will increase, causing an increase in demand for workers in this group. This is no surprise for industry professionals who are noticing consumers becoming more concerned with health, beauty, and fitness. Naturally the number of cosmetic and health spas will increase, causing an increase in demand for qualified professionals. 
More specifically, skin care specialists are projected to experience a growth of 40% from 2012-2022 as consumers increasingly care about their personal appearance and self-improvement. Accordingly, Cosmetologists are also expected to experience a 13% increase over the same ten-year time frame, with a 16% growth rate expected for Manicurists and 23% growth rate projected for Massage Therapists. 
A large number of job openings are expected to occur from 2012-2022 from the need to replace workers who transfer to other occupations or retire. Opportunities will be favorable for those licensed to provide a broad range of services. For this reason we recommend our students combine multiple courses in order to be more competitive once they enter the job market. Qualified, licensed professionals have many growing opportunities in the beauty and wellness industry. As the industry grows it is important to continue educating yourself on the latest trends and techniques. 
In addition to the USDL, The International Spa Association (ISPA) released key finding in their 2013 Spa Industry Study - including these statistics:
  • Overall industry revenues, number of spa visits, number of locations and revenue per visit all experienced increases during the reporting period, driving spa industry revenues to $14 billion in 2012. Day spas continue to dominate the industry at 79% of total spas, and medical spas representing almost 9% of the total industry.
  • Staffing levels across all spa types have increased, indicating a growth trend, while many spas report difficulty in finding qualified, skilled individuals.
  • The number of spa locations in the U.S. 

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student testimonial

At what age did you decide this is what you wanted to do?
I was seventeen the day I decided cosmetology was going to be apart of me for the rest of my life.  Looking back now it was always there; I was always the friend that did everyones hair & make-up for school dances and every semi-important events in our junior high and high school years.
How important was picking the right school for you?
 A career is a very big part of a persons life.  The education behind it is a huge factor, granted with hard work and determination you can do anything, but having the education to back it up is very important to me.  Bellus Academy gave me more confidence than I could have ever imagined.
What kind of research did you do to select the right school?
First impressions definitely make it or break it for me.  I was told about the school by a friend, so naturally I Googled it.  Pictures can only do so much, so I called and made an appointment.  After touring the school and talking to Mr. Yocum, I knew Bellus Academy was the school for me.
What was it about your first visit to the Manhattan academy that made you feel this was the right school for you?  also...what was the final reason you chose our academy?
The atmosphere could be felt throughout the school from the student body and the staff.  It was a very warm, welcoming atmosphere; an atmosphere I knew I could be apart of.
Write a few paragraphs on your experience in school and what you enjoyed about your education...
The first day of school is always nerve wracking.  Coming into the Academy I was excited but didn't know what to expect.  When my class started in Mrs. Foltz's class she made every effort to make us all comfortable.  For those who don't know Mrs. Foltz is an absolute sweet heart, I couldn't imagine school without her.  By the end of the first day my class had made a connection that lasted us through school without drama and close relationships into our futures as professionals.  Mrs. Foltz was very patient from the first day to the last.  Everytime I asked a question she had an answer that could be easily understood.  Coming out of her classroom our group was considerably close to ready for our clients soon to be in our chair.
What I thought was going to be my least favorite subject turned out to be a class I didn't want to leave. Nails with Ms. Beall was a chance for my artistic side to come out. French nails are very classy but it was fun to use all the colors and come up with new ideas.
When I talk about being a cosmetologist and I start talking about skincare alot of people are not aware that it comes with the fare.  Mrs. Massey is a posterboard for what an esthetician should look like.  It's alot easier to trust someone that you can see the product working on.  She can always be inquired of, which made learning alot easier especially with skin care lines being so extensive.
Then there is color, talk about extensive.  Color was so confusing day in and day out information, formulas, abreviations, everything was going over my head but with a teacher like Miss Kristi I wasn't lost for too long.  She worked so hard teaching us the color system and shortly after our color line change she came around and taught us the new Wella system.   When AACMT became Bellus Academy Miss Kristi was right there with us and we as a class pulled together to help her in return.  After all the training we went through to get to the floor, for our clients, we were not as anxious to go as we had antiscipated.  We didn't want to leave her or her class.  We did and we continued on our amazing journey to becoming professionals.
The absolute best part of my experience at Bellus Academy was the salon floor.  Being in a college town had a huge impact on the kind of clientelle we got to experience.  At my first college we got to practice roller sets and perms, which are definitely needed to get through state boards but I personally don't know many girls my age that are wearing them.  I enjoyed being able to practice Everything.  Miss Becky, Miss Ryan, & Miss Brenda, the floor instructors, were always there for me, when I had questions, or when I needed help with a client. 
Leaving my last day, I knew I was going to be able to go out and confidently pass state boards and find a job, graduating with all the newest & latest information & techniques.
Write a little about what you liked about the culture of the school and how that made your experience enjoyable while you were enrolled...
Being able to wake up everyday and know that no matter who you walk past in the hall your going to get a smile or hello definitely made going everyday alot easier.  Everyone wants to be the best but it sure is a lot easier when your there everyday to work towards it.  It was also nice to go every morning to get our morning 'Cup of CAW-ffee' from Mr. Yocum and talk about Beauty Changes Lives.  Hearing everyone's stories every day was very motivational.
What was it about your education that you feel prepared you for a career in the beauty industry?
Having real learning opportunities made all the difference.  Talking about different situations is nice but having the chance to experience different things made them experiences I will never forget.
Would you recommend this academy to someone interested in beauty education...and if so what would you say to them if they asked you, "what school should I go to an why?"
Everyone has had teachers they didn't care for and that highly impacted their education.  My Bellus Academy educators will always have a place in my heart for the positive impact they had on my life and education.  There really isn't any way to describe the way the educators teach other than the way teachers ought to teach.  Simply for the fact that teaching isn't about bringing in students and getting them back out the door.  It's about a personal connection with each and every student and the quality of their education, without the price affecting what's going out with the graduates.
Write a little bit about your future plans and where you want to be (your future goals).  
I plan to interview for Steiner after the first of the year (available because of Bellus Academy).  Should for any reason that falls through I will be moving to Florida and work at a resort in Tampa or Orlando.  Beyond that I will have to keep Bellus Academy updated, seeing as how there are so many opportunities available in this industry and I pray my life goes in a great direction, who knows where I'll end up. 
To those who may be interested in the beauty field and have the opportunity, GO FOR IT!

Britnee Tate, Manhattan Kansas Campus

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