According to the US Department of Labor employment in personal care and service occupations is anticipated to grow by more than 20 percent over the projection period (2012-2022), adding more than 1 million jobs. As consumers become more concerned with health, beauty, and fitness, the number of cosmetic and health spas will increase, causing an increase in demand for workers in this group. This is no surprise for industry professionals who are noticing consumers becoming more concerned with health, beauty, and fitness. Naturally the number of cosmetic and health spas will increase, causing an increase in demand for qualified professionals. 
More specifically, skin care specialists are projected to experience a growth of 40% from 2012-2022 as consumers increasingly care about their personal appearance and self-improvement. Accordingly, Cosmetologists are also expected to experience a 13% increase over the same ten-year time frame, with a 16% growth rate expected for Manicurists and 23% growth rate projected for Massage Therapists. 
A large number of job openings are expected to occur from 2012-2022 from the need to replace workers who transfer to other occupations or retire. Opportunities will be favorable for those licensed to provide a broad range of services. For this reason we recommend our students combine multiple courses in order to be more competitive once they enter the job market. Qualified, licensed professionals have many growing opportunities in the beauty and wellness industry. As the industry grows it is important to continue educating yourself on the latest trends and techniques. 
In addition to the USDL, The International Spa Association (ISPA) released key finding in their 2013 Spa Industry Study - including these statistics:
  • Overall industry revenues, number of spa visits, number of locations and revenue per visit all experienced increases during the reporting period, driving spa industry revenues to $14 billion in 2012. Day spas continue to dominate the industry at 79% of total spas, and medical spas representing almost 9% of the total industry.
  • Staffing levels across all spa types have increased, indicating a growth trend, while many spas report difficulty in finding qualified, skilled individuals.
  • The number of spa locations in the U.S. 

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"Please share with all as it is important for me to let everyone know what a great experience this was for me. I would like to take the time to acknowledge all the wonderful staff at Bellus, everyone has been nothing but fantastic to me and you have made my experience a wonderful one. I have learned so much from our wonderful instructors, but I have learned to give so much more to our clients by watching, listening to the front desk and the higher management. This is the first time in leaving a technical school where I actually have the confidence in myself to go out and use what I have learned to create a career out of it. Not only have I learned a career, but I have grown as person through my experiences here at Bellus. I am thankful for being apart of the Bellus team. I have enjoyed all the experiences with my fellow students and from all of them learned to become a more kindhearted person. I have learned how to keep focus on the important things in life through this journey. I have learned to harmonize my hurricanes(Mr. B will understand). To all of you I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful gift you have all given me and the opportunity to create a new life for me and my son."

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