Bellus Academy is dedicated to offering career training that meets the ever-changing needs of military life. Our training programs help military spouses prepare for success in the beauty and wellness industries. A career in beauty and wellness is well-suited for the lifestyle of military families. You can train for a portable career in these industries and graduate with a skill set that is adaptable and transferable regardless of location.
The benefits of cosmetology-related training for military spouses include:
  • Potential access to MyCAA financial assistance
  • International Certification through ITEC
  • Portable training which can be used in 38 countries around the world in the beauty and wellness industry
  • Targeted training that is completed in less time than traditional schooling

Career Services for Bellus Academy Graduates

Throughout your training program, Career Services is available to assist you with:
  • Resume preparation
  • Job development skills including interviewing
  • Assistance with selecting the right type of employment for you
  • Career-oriented classes
Though no career training program can guarantee job placement, the benefits of the job development training will serve you well, whether you hope to find a career at a local salon or spa after graduation or take your career on the road in the event your family has to be transferred. Nationwide, the demand for beauty professionals is strong, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 20 percent growth in the field between 2008 and 2018. The Career Services Department works with you to help match your skills with a rewarding career in the beauty, health, and wellness industries. You can learn more about beauty and wellness career statistics and what careers await you by clicking for more information. You can also learn more about our Career Services Department for Military Spouses here.

Travel the World with ITEC International Certification

We are the only west coast ITEC approved academy providing graduates the opportunity to receive an international certificate through ITEC. ITEC is an international examination board that offers a variety of qualifications worldwide. Graduates who successfully pass the ITEC examination are certified to work in 38 countries. The curriculum offered at our academies exceeds the ITEC standards and prepares students for the ITEC test.  You can learn more about ITEC International Certification for Military Spouses by clicking for more information.


All Bellus Academy campuses administer federal programs of student assistance including Military Spouses Benefit From MyCAA Financial Aid and Veterans Educational Benefits. You can click here for more detailed financial aid information for Military Spouse Applicants.

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student testimonial

"I always knew I was the type of person that loved to work around people, help people, and make them feel good. Although when I was younger I enjoyed playing with makeup, changing up my hair, etc., the possibility that I could do it as a career never really entered my mind. I always assumed I would end up in healthcare although when I got to college nothing ever seemed like quite the right fit. Very slowly, over time, as I visited with stylists who did my hair in the various places I lived, the wheels began to turn as I realized that each of them genuinely loved what they did. I wanted that. It took a long time for me come around and not be scared of making such a big change, but I knew deep down I couldn’t picture myself being happy doing anything else. I realized I did have an artistic side, not in drawing or music, but with people, and in making them feel beautiful, I felt fulfilled as well.
From the first day in Mrs. Foltz’s class, I knew I had made the right decision and I was going to love school, and I did. It wasn’t always easy (I had nightmares about finger waves for awhile—but what I great sense of accomplishment when I could finally whip out a full head in no time!), but the educators always had the patience of saints when things got frustrating and helped me conquer the things I struggled with.
I also really didn’t expect to have such special relationships and experiences with the clients I had while out on the floor. I got to cut little children’s hair for the first time and do elderly ladies’ roller sets. I got to do highlights on a bride just before her big day and provide comfort and a fresh look for a heartbroken widow. I got to do crazy fun peek-a-boos on young trendy girls, and a spray tan for a soon to be mother who didn’t want to look too pale while in the hospital. Those are just a handful of examples of the incredible clients that helped challenge and inspire me. There were the difficult ones too, but I was grateful to have a fantastic team of educators who had my back. They were definitely a huge support through hard days and also genuinely happy for me in my successes. I can’t imagine school without them."

Emmy Wilkey, Manhattan, KS Campus Alumni | Cosmetology Program

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