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student testimonial

"Please share with all as it is important for me to let everyone know what a great experience this was for me. I would like to take the time to acknowledge all the wonderful staff at Bellus, everyone has been nothing but fantastic to me and you have made my experience a wonderful one. I have learned so much from our wonderful instructors, but I have learned to give so much more to our clients by watching, listening to the front desk and the higher management. This is the first time in leaving a technical school where I actually have the confidence in myself to go out and use what I have learned to create a career out of it. Not only have I learned a career, but I have grown as person through my experiences here at Bellus. I am thankful for being apart of the Bellus team. I have enjoyed all the experiences with my fellow students and from all of them learned to become a more kindhearted person. I have learned how to keep focus on the important things in life through this journey. I have learned to harmonize my hurricanes(Mr. B will understand). To all of you I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful gift you have all given me and the opportunity to create a new life for me and my son."

Tammy Acierno, HHP