Our customized basic cosmetology training is a comprehensive course that includes professional training in all aspects of the beauty industry. Want to be in demand after you graduate? We are one of the only academies to offer advanced courses in cosmetology. Our Advanced Cosmetology 103 program focuses on inspiration-based design that will give you a competitive edge in both the salon and the editorial world.

Student Competitions

Our academies sponsor and Mentor student competitions on a national level. We have won first place in Sassoon Connection Competition for both 2009 and 2010 as well as Wella Trend Vision for 2010. We also went on to take second and third place for Wella Trend Vision 2014. Bellus has gained national recognition in the professional cosmetology world for the quality of work of its students as well as the level of integrity they possess.

Bellus S.T.A.R. Precision Haircutting System

The S.T.A.R. Precision Haircutting Color System, developed by Artistic Director Diego Raviglione,
Master Educator Nick Berardi and Color Director Carrera Bailey, is a precision haircutting /color system designed to give a foundation in fundamental disciplines of our craft. S.T.A.R. is the only haircutting/color system that evolves as the student’s technical skills and creativity become stronger, providing support to nurture the novice to the master stylist. 
Bellus Academy is the only academy that currently offers the S.T.A.R. Precision Haircutting/Color System and Nick Education. Nick Education is the premiere online education site, with professional members internationally. A lifetime support program is included to carry you through your entire career as a master stylist.

Nick Education | Academy Connection

We have partnered with Nick Berardi to offer his dynamic online educational videos and seminars. Featured in print and broadcast media as a renowned stylist and educator, Nick Berardi is a creative force in the international education arena and is well recognized throughout the world for his innovative precision haircutting techniques. Watch the video below to learn more about Nick Berardi and his partnership with Bellus Academy.

International Guest Artists

Experience the craft through presentations and lectures by top industry professionals. We have world-renowned guest artists demo and speak at our academies on a regular basis. This will give you a first hand look at some of the very best salons and spas and what they look for in an employee as well as give you a window into their culture.

Travel the World

We are the only west coast ITEC approved academy providing graduates the opportunity to receive an international certificate. ITEC is an international examination board that offers a variety of qualifications worldwide. Graduates who successfully pass the ITEC examination are certified to work in over 38 countries. The curriculum offered at our academies exceeds the ITEC standards and prepares students for the ITEC test.
ITEC qualifications are supported by the professional beauty and spa industry and are easily transferable nationally and internationally. The certification will allow for employment on cruise ships that travel internationally as well as employment in spas throughout Europe, Canada and Australia. Preview ITEC on their web site at www.itecworld.co.uk. Watch the video below to learn more about ITEC.

Exceptional Externship Opportunities

Our relationships with high-end salons in Southern California allow students to network with top stylists and owners. This is why our students extern with the finest salons including - The Doves, DK Hair, Salon Radius, Headlines4Hair - just to name a few.

Bellus Best in Business

It takes more than just the best technical training to be successful in the beauty industry. 85% of your success will be based on your business, personal and marketing skills. Our academies feature nationally recognized spa and salon business training programs in order to teach future professionals how to manage a fulfilling, profitable, and growing business.
The Bellus Best In Business Program features nationwide spa and salon directors and innovators to give you expert advice on how to secure employment and what it means to understand the business side of the industry.

Hands-on Experience

Put your talents to work in our vibrant student clinic. Our clinic is mirrored after the upscale salons and spas that inspire our students and welcome our clients. Working under the close supervision of your instructors, you will work with clientele, some of whom may go on to become your clients when you graduate. We are always expanding our service menu to incorporate new trends and treatments.

Salon and Spa

Our academies have invested in professional equipment so our students will have substantial experience working with the same equipment they will find when they begin their career. You will receive professional tools in your student kit complete with everything you need to start your career.

Professional Instructors

Our instructors are professionals who continue to work with top salons and spas. They connect with current icons in the industry to bring students face to face with the artists that inspired them. You will be taught to be the best, by the finest.

Professional Products & Kits

We partner with the top companies in product and color systems. This includes - P&G Professional, Wella Professionals for color and styling products, and Professional Sebastian. You’ll start out working with and learning how to sell dynamic product lines that will increase your future sales. Our Cosmetology kit contains high quality professional equipment, featuring Mizutani shears, Taiff blow-dryer and flat-iron, YS Park combs and clips. Kit items subject to change at any time in order to keep current with industry trends and technology.

State Board Preparation

All of our instructional programs meet and exceed all of the requirements of the State of California. We boast some of the highest state board pass rates in the state.

Combine your Cosmetology Education with These Programs

Expand your skills while increasing your chances of finding employment.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who complete the program and other important information, visit the Consumer Information page on our website.
To learn more about our Cosmetology training courses click here to sign up for a complimentary career information kit and a no obligation consultation with one of our admissions professionals.



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student testimonial

Dear Courtney;
Thank you for responding to my advertisement for both Nail Technician and Massage Therapist.  I respect and appreciate that your school teaches young women and men skill sets but helps to follow-up and place them in positions within our community.  I further appreciate your time discussing possible candidates and your inquiries as to a former student of yours, Janet Salazar.
I have offered a position to a recent graduate of yours, Holly Cozad.  I will let you know how we progress at our next interview/practicum.  Your feedback relative to this candidate was very helpful in our decision making.  We, too, have found her to be “exceptional”.
I would like to further acknowledge our appreciation of the school’s contribution to one of our first employees hired “At The Beach, Day Spa”.  Although, Janet was only nineteen when we hired her in July, 2009, she has been an outstanding employee, mature beyond her years.
Her pride of where she had graduated from spoke well of both you and Janet.  Certainly, Janet’s work ethics must be credited to her family and faith—but the confidence she gained Bellus seemed to align well with her own values.  Janet arrives early to work, always with a smile and ready to provide an outstanding level of service to our guests.  She is attentive to the salon’s goals and standards and always participates in a very positive way.  As a new licensee, over the last nine months Janet has taken very positively to constructive criticism; attentively and respectfully. 
Janet is a lovely asset to “At the Beach”.  She uses her initiative to look for what may need to be done in the “house” as well as practices her tutorials to improve her skills.  This has earned her two pay increases; one particularly relating to over-all time to accomplish given tasks (time for basic pedi’s, and mani’s), as well as, quality workmanship in both the use of her drill for acrylics, French mani’s and original nail art.  As Janet has remained such an outstanding employee we recently agreed to send her to an outside source to improve her acrylic skills.  We are following her growth in this area and her trainer is very pleased with her improvement—as are all of us!
Thank you Bellus Academy for the foundation and the appropriate reinforcement of work skills and decorum which have allowed us to have such a great candidate become a valued member of our family ”At The Beach”!

Dawn Rotundo, At the Beach Salon & Spa

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