Alumni Spotlight: Lauren Beckman

Bellus Academy Graduate Lauren Beckman brings her Makeup to life!

Lauren BeckmanComic-Con opens today and we figured what better way to get you inspired than to show you one of our incredibly talented Alumni!

Lauren Beckman

Bellus Academy Alumni 2014 El Cajon Cosmetology 102

FIDM alumni

Currently a freelance makeup artist

Instagram Handle: @venomtoyaveins



Why did you choose Bellus?

Of all the beauty schools I researched, I chose Bellus because they offered a lot of expertise and knowledge about the beauty industry. All of their staff is talented, patient and very creative.
What is your Five-year goal?

I hope doing something in the makeup world. My dream job would be working on horror movie sets doing special FX makeup.

The best part about doing makeup, for me, is it feels like an escape from the world. It isn’t like a regular job where you sit down at a desk and stare at a screen. My job is constantly evolving and changing every day. One day I’m working on a movie set doing blood and gore and the next day I’m getting a bride ready to walk down the isle. I couldn’t imagine pursuing a career that I didn’t have a passion for.


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