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Next Class Starts: Jul 14th

Blog Jan 10 2020

We’ve all heard it – to achieve success and financial well-being, your child has to go to a four-year college. Yet all evidence points to the contrary while skyrocketing student debt and the limitations of entry-level positions dominate headlines around the country. The truth is, not every student is interested in higher education, and not all good careers require a college degree. The beauty industry is experiencing significantly better-than-average growth, and with quality education, your child can make a rewarding, financially successful career doing something they love. To help you feel confident in your child’s future, learn more about just a few of the cosmetology career options they can pursue with a degree from Bellus Academy.


When most people think of a beauty school graduate, they imagine a hairdresser. But there is much more diversity in this field than you may realize. The skills of an expert hairstylist are always in demand, and your child will have the opportunity to work in conventional salons, luxury spas, and more. Their degree allows them to provide services for special occasions, like weddings, engagement photo shoots, military balls, and more, as well as to specialize in coloring, hair design, and other areas of interest.

Bellus Academy also offers dual barbering and cosmetology programs, giving graduates even more career options. This can be especially attractive for those who wish to build their own business and the largest client roster possible, as well as any students who are interested in work in barbershops or family-friendly environments.

Personal Stylist

For those who rely on a polished public appearance, a personal stylist is a must. Celebrities may immediately come to mind, but everyone from politicians to news anchors can benefit from a highly trained cosmetologist who accommodates their schedule and understands personal preferences and the latest trends. This is an ideal path for any cosmetology student with great communication skills and a passion for building strong relationships.

Media Hairstylist

From the film industry to the rise of platforms like Instagram and YouTube, media is a consistently popular industry, and the need for hairstylists has never been higher. A cosmetology degree allows your child to work on movie and television sets, at photography studios, and for social media influencers who need to look their best to garner attention, views, and likes. A great hairstylist can explore their creativity and make a name for themselves in these industries while forming new relationships along the way.


Does your child have a gift for leadership? If so, a cosmetology degree from Bellus Academy opens doors to more than just hairstyling. Along with the best in modern hairdressing techniques, students learn financial literacy and other skills that help them navigate the world of business. Your child will learn budgeting, marketing, salesmanship, client record-keeping, and other critical skills that are just as appealing to employers as they are essential for running a successful business.

A World of Opportunity

If your child isn’t interested in college, a career in cosmetology provides another avenue to professional accomplishment and financial success. To learn more about cosmetology career options, contact Bellus Academy today. We’ll guide you and your child through our programs, career services department, and all the exciting options that await them after graduation. For more information, contact us to speak with an admissions counselor now.

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“The teachers were amazing! Without Bellus, I wouldn’t have the rewarding life I have today. School was something I looked forward to every single day. I can’t believe I have a job that I love going to every day.”

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- Clare
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“I love how hands-on the nail program is at Bellus. I am a visual and hands-on learner and I appreciated the time and focus on my advancement throughout the program. I would definitely recommend Bellus Academy to anyone interested in beauty and wellness education, especially the nail program!”

- Kelsey
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- Jessica
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“As a cosmo crossover, the Barbering Program was not only an excellent way to brush up on the basics, but also the best way to take my career to the next level. The staff was so helpful in every aspect and I highly recommend the program.”

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