The Importance of Community Relations with Leilani Angel from Bellus Academy

Professional Tips Jan 23 2014

large-1The Importance of Community Relations with Bellus Academy’s Leilani Angel

Looking to take the next step as a student?

Do you want to know how to get involved in the industry events?

From volunteering at community events to networking in the industry, Director of Community Relations, Leilani Angel highlights the best ways to get involved with the beauty and wellness community.

Find out why Leilani finds community relations to be one of the most essential pieces of a Bellus Academy experience.

Hands-On Practice

Community outreach is a unique aspect of the education that Bellus Academy students receive. The experiences outside of the classroom offer students a platform to use the skills they have learned at school in the real world.

Working at events gets you out of your comfort zone and helps you to hone your skills. It is a great opportunity to work on your timing. Leilani believes that it is important for students to get their feet wet and learn what the industry is all about before heading into the professional arena.


Leilani stresses the importance of networking and communication. You never know whom you might meet at an event. Students attend fashion shows, mall events, wellness expos, and much more. They are a perfect time to get exposure to individuals in the community. Students have received job opportunities over the years from putting themselves and their work out there at events.

Experience and Exposure

Bellus Academy gets 5 to 10 event requests every day asking for students to help out at events because they know the great quality of the Bellus Academy education. Students work at Fashion Week San Diego, which is an amazing venue for experience and exposure. When students jump in feet first and embrace every opportunity to attend events, they are setting themselves up for success in the future. The events are great for building up your resume for the postgraduate world.

Bellus Academy Outreach Coordinator Terrell Mitchell, who recently won the Project Runway Photo Challenge, is a perfect example of an individual who took advantage of community events. As a student, Terrell took every opportunity, constantly worked in events, and was able to put great experience on his resume.

Finding Passion

Leilani believes that the event experience allows students to uncover their best skills and truest passions. Many students start school knowing they love the industry but they might not know all of the avenues available to them. By taking advantage of the different event opportunities, you are able to learn what you do and do not like doing after getting hands-on experience.

You are able to sample every facet of the industry, whether that is photo shoots, salons, or fashion shows. By the time you graduate, you will know what challenges you in a positive way and what you want to focus on in your career.

Professional Connections

Leilani asserts that community outreach separates the good students from the great students. The professional connections you can make are priceless for mentorships and future clientele. Student business cards are wonderful tools every student receives for networking.

Whether they are a part of the student design team, the community events team, or looking for a new experience, Bellus Academy has event options for every student. Leilani loves to see students break through the initial intimidating event experience and gain confidence. This helps them evolve and takes their skills to the next level.

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