The Perfect Holiday Look

The Perfect Holiday Look

This year for that perfect Holiday look go ahead and mix it up a bit. As we look at fashion over the years, it sometimes repeats itself with a twist of reinvention. Make-up is not in any way different. We used to say, “if you have a dark lip, light eyes,” not anymore folks. It’s time for our artistic freedom to shine through!

I personally like a dark sultry eye with violet hues and a dark rim around the eye with a beautiful pop of magenta or even red on the lip. If this is a little too seductive for you, then play it down on the lips with a nude lip.

Lipstick is very in this season.  It outlines the lip, gives a sultry look and there are so many hues and undertones to play with. A few of my favorite shades from MUD this year are definitely Black Berry satin lipstick and Voodoo eye shadow. If you are looking for a bit more red, then Lady Bug it is for the lips.

Make-up lovers while you are getting yourself or someone else ready for these RAD Holiday parties we all love so much, challenge yourself and try these looks!


Make-Up Artistry Education

Bellus Academy has partnered with Make-Up Designory to offer their 150-hour “Beauty Make-Up Artistry” training course. We are one of the only academies outside of New York and Los Angeles to offer a professional make-up course at this level.  To learn more about our Make-up Artistry program, click here

Kristina-Monique Cortez, Director of Make-up Artistry Programs

Kristina-Monique is a Professional Make-up Artist, who specializes in all aspects of Make-up Artistry, as well as, education. She is a published make-up artist and beauty editor whose work can be found in various fashion and beauty publications.  She has also worked in film and television for top production companies including FOX, Paramount Pictures and Columbia Pictures.

Kristina began her career with an opportunity to work behind the scenes at fashion shows in Mexico where she cultivated her make-up artistry skills. She moved on to the U.S. to work with celebrity stylists, hairstylists and photographers.  As the Make-Up Director at the Bellus Academy, she is able to share her knowledge of the industry and strive to educate and inspire future Make-up Artists.

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