Why We Love Our Kansas Location

Nicknamed “The Little Apple,” Manhattan, KS has been home to Bellus’ fourth campus, which was acquired in 2011. The 20,000 square foot facility was a former movie theater, completely renovated into a beautiful school and salon. It features state of the art equipment and a professional salon floor where we specialize in advanced training. Consistently nabbing top honors in Modern Salon’s national Excellence in Education program, Bellus continues to stand out among the rest. Innovative education and industry expert educators prepare every student for a succesful entrepreneurial career the second they step foot on campus.

We had the pleasure of interviewing three key team members who shared what they love most about destination school and here’s what they had to say…

Diane Bruce, Community Relations

What do you love about this area?I love that Manhattan is home of Kansas State University, Manhattan Technical School, Manhattan Christian College AND Bellus Academy! For a midwest town of approx. 45,000 people it is impressive that we have such a strong post-secondary influence here. These schools elevate everything about our community… fine art performances and opportunities, excellent athletics, community service, a high standard for education and over all strong community pride! Students are the life-line of Manhattan! Their energy, vitality and optimism for the future is contagious.

What makes this location unique?In a world that is divided, contentious and confusing… Manhattan, Ks is tolerant, excepting and always willing to make room for those who want to call it home.

What are the students like at this location?We have students from rural Kansas who bring a work ethic to our school that unbelievable. Our military students are quick to adapt to change and to make friends. Their family’s sacrifices and dedication to our county touches everyone here.  Students who are right out of high school love that this is a college town and are always having a good time. Those who have come to Bellus to start a new career or to follow a dream that had been put on hold automatically rise to the top as leaders and are very effective in mentoring younger students.

Honestly… we have the best blend of students here at Bellus!

What’s the culture like at this location?You can feel the positive culture the minute you walk into our school. Even if someone  is having a bad day, it is next to impossible to stay down and discouraged when among Bellus staff and students.

If you could describe the Manhattan, Ks location in three words, what would they be?Friendly! Compassionate!Committed!

Why do your enjoy teaching/working at this location?

#1 David Yocum is an exceptional leader. It is always easy to do your job when there is a leader that would do absolutely anything for his team or students. Everyone knows this and no one ever wants to let him down.

#2 The energy of our students keeps me young and loving life!

#3 I believe in the law of entrainment. (Your energy aligns with those around you.) Because of this, it is important to me that I surround myself with those who are striving to better themselves and make the world a better place. This is Bellus Academy, Ks!

Why would you recommend a student come to Manhattan, Ks location?Our educators are PHENOMENAL! I am continuously impressed with their ability to educate and inspire students.

Courtney Myers, Cosmetology Educator

What do you love about this area?   I love the ‘small town’ feel without being in an actual small town. You may not know everyone that you see but people are friendly and make you feel like you are part of a huge family.

What makes this location unique?  The influx of people coming and going since we are a college town and have a military base close by.

What are the students like at this location?  Students at this location are eager to learn and explore new adventures while needing a little guidance along the way.

If you could describe the Manhattan KS location in three words, what would they be?  Community, Energetic, Family Oriented.

Why do you enjoy teaching at this location?  This location allows the educators to teach with the freedom that they need and without the feeling of someone breathing down your back which makes for a better learning environment.

Why would you recommend a student come to the Manhattan KS location?  The size of Manhattan is good for people coming from a really small town or a big city. You can get to places in a timely manner and have lots of options for housing. Bellus is also one of the best cosmetology schools in the area with the amount of things you learn during your course.

Gina Bulthaup, Discovery Nail & Skin Instructor

What do you love about this area?I love this area because it has everything you should need.  It is always evolving and growing with businesses.  The college brings in a large group of people every year it never fails that we will have students attend school because a four year college wasn’t what really interested in.  

What makes this location unique?  We are not only have the college but we are also near Ft. Riley.  We are able to also receive students because the military is relocating soldiers and their families.  The spouse that was interested in attending a school can take advantage of our location. 

What are the students like at this location?  We have student of every age attending.  There are some that have just graduated from high school and some are choosing a second career, we are able to accommodate everyone.What’s the culture like at this location?We have a very family oriented culture here.  The staff is amazing and will help anyway they can to make things work.  We all seem to have the same goal to help each student through their journey here at school and succeed in the future.

If you could describe the Manhattan KS location in three words, what would they be?  Passionate, Unified, VisionaryWhy do you enjoy teaching at this location?  I have the freedom to teach the students how to become a professional and have that lead to a successful career.Why would you recommend a student come to the Manhattan KS location? The education they receive is top of the line.  If they apply themselves they will get an education that will help them be ready to start in a salon.

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