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Guest Blogger Holly Judd, Master Esthetics Instructor at Bellus Academy |  Poway

What is master esthetics? Master esthetics course is designed to give you experience and knowledge with the advanced treatments and medical terminology of the esthetic world.

What are the benefits of taking master esthetics? When you graduate from a 600hr esthetic program you are equipped with just the tip of the ice berg of treatments, terminology, diseases and disorders, advanced protocols, chemical peels and other exfoliation and body treatments.  When you graduate from Bellus masters program you experience and our taught advanced medical treatments, advanced chemical peels and other exfoliation, medical terminology, and get the experience of what you will experience working for a med spa, dermatologist, plastic surgeon, etc.  You will also be given the opportunity to take the Utah NIC exam and receive your master esthetician license from Utah.

Why does it benefit me to have dual licensure? On any resume the more education, experience, time, and dedication all say a lot about the passion and commitment to an employer.  Dual licensure shows you have worked very hard and above and beyond what you needed to.

How is it different than regular esthetics? The master esthetics course dives right into medical terminology, advanced mechanical exfoliation treatments, cellulite treatments, advanced spa treatments, importance of pre-conditioning and chemical peels just to name a few.

What treatments do I get to learn in master esthetics?
Microderm-diamond tip & crystals, silk peel, hydra-facial, TCA peels, jessner peels, glycolic, lactic, salicylic peels, retinol peels,  layering peels, multiple professional product lines, vichy shower, innlight, spray tanning, Vela shape, teeth whitening, and hydrobath.

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