Mother’s Day Student Feature: Aileen Henderson

Aileen Henderson

Program: Nail Technology
Start Date: March 2016
Projected Graduation Date: May 2016
Names and ages of kids: Stephanie, 19 years old; Samantha, 9 years old; Joshua, 8 years old; Jeffrey, 5 years old

The most rewarding part of being a mom:
To me it’s seeing your kids grow up to be amazing people and feeling your love you give them returned to you ten-fold!

The most challenging thing about going to school and being a mom:
Finding enough time to spend with your kids and really paying attention to each one by listening to their problems.

What made you decide to go to school at this point in your life?
I have always loved the beauty world. I didn’t go to school when I was younger and I regretted it. I got back into the beauty business a year ago and I loved it and decided to go further into it so I can help provide for my family.

What advice do you have for other moms who are contemplating about going back to school?
Balance. Go to school and keep up with your work and grades and attendance as much as you can, but make sure to be with your family. Have fun with your kids. They are sacrificing things for you to go to school also! It’s a team effort.

How do you plan on spending Mother’s Day?
Haha! Sleeping! Maybe go to a movie and just relax and enjoy the day.

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