The Best High School Classes to Take Before Cosmetology School

If you’re in high school and your dream is to be a cosmetologist you may be wondering what you can do now to prepare for your beauty education after graduation. Here is a list of six high school classes that will help in your future cosmetology program.

  1. Anatomy: As a stylist, you’ll be closely working with people’s skin, hair, nails, feet, hands, eyes, lips, and more.  Having a basic knowledge of human anatomy before you begin the program may make absorbing the rest of the information a bit easier.
  1. Chemistry: Did you know Cosmetology and Esthetics are heavily based in chemistry? Cosmetologists mix complicated color formulas on a daily basis. Knowing how a certain kind of product will react with another based solely by their ingredients is also a time-saver and it will likely help keep you from making a mistake.
  1. Art and Design: For most, the appeal of being a cosmetologist comes from being able to be creative on a daily basis. Make the time to learn about color, texture, and basic aesthetics before pursuing your beauty career.
  1. Theater: Acting classes could also help to prepare you for the various interactions that you will be faced with everyday and who knows, those improv classes might come in handy! Plus, learning about stage makeup, lighting and set design gives you more exposure to how these elements come together to make a visually pleasing and complete whole.
  2. English and Creative Writing: Your ability to communicate with people is what will determine your success in the styling industry. People come back to the stylists who they can relate to best. English and Creative Writing classes are helpful in this regard because they encourage you to think about what you’re actually saying when you communicate. This helps when you market your skills down the road as well.
  1. Speech: As a stylist, you will be working with customers and even though you may stand behind them, the way you present yourself is very important. A beginning speech course will teach you how to interact with strangers, speak in front of them, and how to navigate tricky communication issues as well. Bonus: good writing and processing skills are helpful in every aspect of the professional world.

A cosmetology education is so much more than basic styling techniques! It is education for a successful future. Are you interested in seeing what cosmetology school can do for you?  Click here to see what Bellus has to offer and take the steps to begin your future.

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