Careers the Wall Street Journal Highlights for Growth: Why An Education at Bellus Academy Makes Sense for the Future

The Wall Street Journal recently featured an article, “Why Hairdressers Are Secure:  Their Jobs Can’t Be Exported.”  One of the key points emphasized in the article was that despite the recession, demand for one sort of worker has remained strong – jobs that involve caring for other people.  These jobs cannot be exported, ever.

Bellus Academy, also known as the Harvard of Beauty Schools according to San Diego Magazine, enrollment continues to grow during these challenging economic times. Why, because Bellus prepares students for jobs in the booming personal care and service industry, which is growing as opportunities in other industries decline.  According to the US Department of Labor 10 Year Projections (2008-2018) employment in personal care and service occupations is anticipated to grow by 20%, adding more than 1 Million jobs!

In addition, students have a variety of career options with a wide range in earning potential. A Cosmetology graduate, for example could become a Hair Stylist, Artistic Director or State Board Educator, just to list a few of the many career possibilities.  An education with Bellus also opens up the doors to an International career, as Bellus is the only west coast ITEC approved academy providing graduates the opportunity to receive an International certificate.  In a dark economic time the future is looking bright for Bellus Academy graduates!

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