Ten Steps to Becoming an International Student at Bellus Academy

Internationally acclaimed Bellus Academy welcomes students from around the world. Students have attended Bellus Academy from South Africa, India and Russia to prepare for a premium career in the Beauty and Wellness industry. Bellus Academy is approved to offer the Form-I-20 to qualified students who would like to attend Bellus Academy. We are an ITEC approved academy providing graduates the opportunity to receive an international certificate allowing them to work in over 38 countries around the world!

  1. Contact an International Agent in your respective country or a Bellus Academy International Admissions Representative.
  2. Complete and submit an Admissions Application with registration fee and course deposit.
  3. Submit a Personal Essay and copy of your High School Diploma and High School Transcript.
  4. Complete and submit a Student Visa Request Form.
  5. After receiving an I-20, schedule an M-1 Visa interview at your nearest U.S. Embassy/Consulate.
  6. Upon being granted an M-1 Visa, make travel/accommodation arrangements.
  7. Schedule a meeting at Bellus Academy.
  8. Meet with your International Admissions Representative at Bellus Academy.
  9. Pay total tuition cost in full.
  10. Attend the New Student Orientation.

If you or someone you know is interested in attending Bellus Academy or serving as an International Agent for Bellus Academy, please contact:

Tess Sale, Director of International Admissions

Phone:  858.748.1490 ext. 1322

Email:  [email protected]

Skype ID:  tesssale

Web:   http://international.bellusacademy.edu/

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