Career Changers: Nurse to Esthetician

We ❤️ nurses! Nurses are some of the most hardworking and compassionate individuals out there. However, we know that sometimes your current job isn’t the job you want forever. If you’re looking to make a change from the healthcare industry to the beauty industry, esthetics might be the place for you!

Why Nurses Would Make Great Estheticians

You Love Science

In an esthetics course you can learn about the body and, more specifically, the skin. If you love anatomy and physiology, you’d probably enjoy learning the science behind skincare treatments, conditions, and products! There is so much to learn about the human body, and you can follow your passion for that and beauty by becoming an esthetician!

You Can Problem Solve

You are one of those people who just gets it. You know how to solve a problem with little to no direction and give an appropriate answer. You don’t like letting other people down, so you go the extra mile to make sure someone is well taken care of. As an esthetician, you must be able to think through different treatments and how they will react with a client’s skin type.

You Genuinely Care About Others

Again, we believe nurses are some of the most compassionate people out there, and we believe the same of estheticians. Skincare professionals truly want to make others feel great. You want the best for the people around you, and you can make that happen as an esthetician!

You Want to Change Lives

There’s nothing like seeing the progress of a client who was once uncomfortable in their own skin. Improving someone’s self-esteem is inherently changing their life. You can have the power to make a difference for someone else.

Ready to Begin?

Here at Bellus Academy, we offer Esthetics Programs at 3 of our 4 locations in California and Kansas for your convenience. Your dream is a lot closer than you think! Contact us today to find out how to get started!

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